Solar PV Construction Manager

Project Execution

Closing Date: 30 June 2022

The Construction Manager may also be tasked to assist the Engineering Department to complete designs relating to the renewable energy system to which he is appointed to manage. This however would only be required on an Adhoc basis. Furthermore, all planning responsibilities relating the project schedule must be maintained by the Construction Manager and communicated with internal management an ongoing basis. He will also be tasked with developing and maintaining quality control procedures on each project ensures the product meets New Southern Energy’s standards. Continual visibility into latest technological and product developments must be monitored to ensure the best solution can be offered to the client.  He will also have to ensure projects are of high quality, in line with company standards and keep the construction teams on schedule with the project schedules.

 Responsibilities and Duties

  • Maintaining construction as per Project Schedule
  • Project Subcontractor scope of works management
  • Project construction/installation quality control. Report finding to appointed Project and Technical Manager
  • Adhere and maintain project Health and Safety site requirements
  • Relationship management of Subcontractors
  • Internal Technician management (if any allocated to your project)
  • Subcontractor (electrical and mechanical) construction management  
  • Assess, accept and give feedback on project engineering designs
  • Implement project construction in line with engineering mechanical and electrical designs
  • Assist in design of solar PV energy systems
  • Assist with physical installation/construction works where required
  • Assist with any operations and maintenance issues on all sites under SLA with NSE
  • Development of department tools and documents
  • Ensure all ISO9001 and ISO45001 compliances are met during construction
  • Ensure codes and compliances of various installation sectors are met
  • Feedback project learnings to the Engineering Department ensuring continual improvement
  • Assist in handover of system to O&M department as per handover procedure
  • Work with, and report to the appointed Project Manager on construction responsibilities layout above


  Knowledge, skills and abilities

·                  Excellent communication skills
·        Must have a “can-do” attitude.
·        Ability to delegate tasks
·        Ability to prioritize activities
·        Ability to motivate his team
·        Value teamwork
·        Possess great problem-solving skills
·        Flexible and transparent planning
·        Foresight into risk management
·        Ability to complete tasks and get the job done
·        Attention to detail
·        Ability to understand and interpreter drawings
·        Ability identify and rectify issues on design
·        Previous large scale solar installations knowledge will be an advantage.



A minimum of an electrical qualification with a wireman’s license.

The link to the job will be sent to the e-mail address you provide.

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More about you

Are you willing to work under pressure and sometimes go beyond your role requirements to complete projects on time?

Are you willing to work an extensive amount of weeks away from home?

Are you a South African citizen or hold a valid working permit?

Do you have an Electrical Qualification along with a Wiremans License?

Do you have experience managing a team and projects?