Solar O&M Technician

Project Execution

Closing Date: 30 June 2022

As the O&M Technician you will be tasked to oversee all sites daily, monitoring productions and system downtimes. Where systems are under producing, he must ensure with system returns back to designed production levels. Where systems are experiencing downtimes, he will perform remedials to get systems up and running as soon as possible. He will manage all cleaning operations where required per site. He will perform all contractual O&M tasks tailored to each site, whether planned or unplanned maintenance. He will assist the Technical Manager in all O&M related matters from monthly reports, department operation efficiencies and any other work required to continually develop and enhance the O&M department.

The O&M Field Technician may also be required to be present for work to be done on installation sif so requested by upper management. This includes installation works, commissioning systems and training of client staff.

Responsibilities and Duties

• Daily monitoring of all systems via online portals

• Manage cleaning team operations

• Perform planned maintenance tasks as per contractual SLA with client

• Perform all unplanned maintenance tasks as per contractual SLA with client

• Measure and create bills of quantities for installations budgets relating to remedial works required on sites under SLA

• For onsite remedials, respond to system breakdowns within 24 hrs for systems within RSA

• For onsite remedials, respond to system breakdowns within 48 hrs for systems outside RSA

• For remote assistance remedials, respond to system breakdowns within 12 hrs

• Schedule all planned maintenance tasks 6 months in advance

Electrical Trade Test Certificate

Driver’s License and own reliable vehicle for traveling to and from work/sites

Valid Passport

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