Head of Business Development

Project Execution

Closing Date: 30 September 2022

Responsibilities and Duties:

·        Develop demand creation strategies and new product service offerings to improve revenue and meet market demands.

·        Develop business agreements with clients.

·        Financial modelling of new opportunities.

·        Direct approach to drive cost-benefit analysis and financial modelling of new business ventures.

·        Drive new technologies to improve business portfolio and processes.

·        Drive partnerships with internal stakeholders to adapt current portfolios to new business opportunities.

·        Drive product research to understand future impacts on product offerings and production.

·        Establish business development strategies to ensure overall organisational strategy is followed.

·        Guide business development research reports on potential revenue streams and business threats.

·        Lead development of business intelligence frameworks to improve data analytics and market assessments.

·        Lead identification of opportunities to improve business processes.

·        Lead local or regional team discussions to confirm decisions on business development.

·        Lead new business opportunity projects based on business network feedback and economic landscape.

·        Lead new business ventures and plan approaches and market entries.

·        Lead partnerships with internal stakeholders to identify opportunities for portfolio.

·        Lead relationship building with industry players and develop strategies to leverage network for business opportunities and partnerships.

·        Lead the department's financial budgeting process to acquire funds for the department's activities.

·        Maintain client relationships.

Plan targets and goals in line with business development strategies.


A minimum qualification of Bachelors Degree in Engineering, Finance or Law

Demonstrated sales and business development ability

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