Assistant Construction Technical Manager

Project Execution

Closing Date: 30 September 2022

The Assistant Construction Technical Manager is expected to play the key role in allocating Technical resources across. This includes On Grid, Off Grid and Solar Thermal. He/she will ensure employees are working in a safe environment, as provided by the respective Project Manager. He/she will ensure all allocated technicians are suitable for the tasks allocated to them. He will work in conjunction with all Project Managers ensuring they have resources required to complete installation works timeously.

Furthermore, the Assistant Construction Technical Manager must continually keep up to date with world-wide technological developments ensuring New Southern Energy remains a leader in the Industry.  

The Assistant Construction Technical Manager must keep up to date with installation standards from NRS, SANS & IEC and also  continue developing and improving internal Quality and implementation standards, not only to keep the plants world class, but also to reduce installation time and increase team effectiveness.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Responsible for Solar PV (On & Off Grid) and Solar Thermal works.
  • Plan and manage Technician outputs.
  • Manage Technicians movements & project allocations alongside Construction Technical Manager
  • Maintain Technical Department Working Procedures.
  • Assist in development of new Technical Department Working Procedures.
  • Assist Technicians in report writing through 3 tier sanity checking process.
  • Submitting reports timeously.
  • Responsible for all existing sites daily monitoring until handed over to O&M.
  • Responsible for all existing site daily operations until handed over to O&M.
  • Ensure all working environments are safe for Technicians to conduct their work optimally.
  • Manage and maintain respective departmental budgets.
  • Maintain Client staff training.
  • Ensure company Technicians are sufficiently trained for tasks to be carried out in the field.
  • Ensure all installations comply with International Standards.
  • Maintain Client relations regarding existing sites under O&M.


Electrical Trade Test Certificate (3 phase)

Wireman’s License (3 phase)

Drivers License


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